Veterinary science has rapidly progressed in the field of diabetes diabetes management in recent years. With the release of VetPen, MSD Animal Health's unique insulin pen for cats and dogs, diabetes management has just got easier. Please click this link for further information about VetPen.

For owners of dogs and cats with diabetes


Successful management of diabetes is achievable with insulin therapy, attention to diet and exercise. Owners of a diabetic cat or dog can restore their pet's quality of life through effective management of diabetes mellitus.

All information on this web site pertains to the UK and is intended for the owners of dogs and cats with diabetes.

Diabetes mellitus in dogs

You need not feel alone if you have a diabetic dog. Helping your dog regain its quality of life through the effective treatment of diabetes is very rewarding.

Diabetes mellitus in cats

Cat owners can also minimise diabetic complications, restoring their pet's lifestyle, by implementing a regular routine.